Our team

Being able to support athletes of all types is one of the reasons Barbaric Barbarians started. Our stable of sponsored athletes grew recently after we put the call out on social media. We had hundreds of applicants, but here's the crew that are the ambassadors of the brand. They all train like beasts and have big goals. Keep an eye out for them on their journeys!

Alex 'The Barbarian' Downes

With more than 15 years training behind him, including 5 years bodybuilding and about 18 months in strongman, Alex hasn’t held back in competing; already in 2017 he’s walked away with a 5th place at ASA Nationals and at NSW’s Strongest Man. He took first at Hunter Strength Wars, and the Canberra charity strongman competition.

His next comps are Gates of Valhalla, the Arnold’s qualifier at PTC Macarthur in December and the Strength Warehouse CMF Strongest Man & Woman in January 2018.

In his own words:

Being barbaric as f@#k means training as hard as possible every day to do better than yesterday, then celebrating after competing knowing I did my very best.

My favourite product from the Barbaric Barbarians range is the original tee because I've finally got a shirt that doesn't rip after one session with stones!

Donnie 'Grey Skull' Ladd

Hailing from Virginia in the USA, Donnie is the Barbaric Army's first international athlete. A veteran on the strength scene, he started young in the gym at age 10.

Donnie got into bodybuilding in 2000 when he was in the Air Force and did his first actual in 2005. In 2015 he competed in the inaugural Jay Cutler Classic and won his weight class. Since then, he’s joined the dark side and got into powerlifting with his next big competition planned for February 2018 in the USPA sanctioned "Odin’s Fury" in Virginia.

Like a lot of the BB team, deadlifts are his favourite movement.

In his own words:

For me being a Barbaric Barbarian implies that you wage merciless war in the gym and have a blast with life outside of it.

My favourite piece of the BB gear is the orange #Barbaricarmy shirt because it turns heads and gets people asking! (Or maybe it's my good looks?!)

Jess 'The Brave' Donnellan

Jess is the first female Barbaric Barbarian and with a varied history of competing in strength sports over the last 5 years, she knows that variety is the spice of life. She started as a CrossFitter (don't hold that against her) then moved to powerlifting, competing in CAPO Nationals in 2014. 

After a brief hiatus, she moved to strongwoman late last year and is honing her technique and improving in placings in comps around NSW and ACT. Her next comp is Static Monsters, the Queanbeyan Strongman Show and the Arnold's qualifier at PTC Macarthur.

Her favourite event is any type of deadlift.

In her own words:

It feels so awesome having the support of the Barbarians because it's not just a company, it's a support team. I train myself most of the time, so this is the closest I've had to feeling like part of a team. Bring on 2018!